Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Her last voicemail message

A few weeks before my mom went into the ICU at North York General Hospital, she called and left me a voice mail on my answering machine. She was experimenting a new recipe for "Moo Shu Pork with finely chopped oyster"...I called her the next day, she said she didn't have enough leftover for me, but would make it again in a few days for me to try... Well, I never had the opportunity and I kept her voice mail message for a long time until the big black out where it was deleted.
Mom was a good cook. She only needed to try out a dish and she could make it better than the restaurant. She was also a genius when it comes to making clothes or anything that has to do with sewing(more on this later)
Her death gave me a new perspective on life....I used to always do a lot of planning on things I wanted to do(and I still do)...but I now also realize there are times that I should just take a risk and just let things happen the way they want... I think as one gets older, one becomes more risk averse sometimes. Not so for my mom. She immigrated to Canada with us when she turned 50, to start her life from stratch, ended her own clothing business in Hong Kong. A non typical Chinese woman, who grew up in a very conservative Chinese family, but educated in the western world in mid 60's, New York City specifically.....

Speaking of New York, I still miss the time when I was there between 1985 to 1987, attending university. First time of my life away from home, which was Hong Kong at the time....I am starting to ramble, I will save my New York stories for another day for now....


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