Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Finger licking good

Last Saturday, I had an interesting evening... I was invited to a Halloween house party by my best friends Scotty and Shaunie.. I wasn't even planning on going as I thought we were just going to have dinner together... So, at the party, we ran into Tom(not his real name, I called him Tom coz I thought he looked like Tom Cruise that evening with his facial hair ;-)) I met Tom over a year ago when I was invited to a Christmas party, again thanks to Scotty and Shaunie.. I have always had a bit of a crush on Tom.. but was too shy to talk to him last year and still very shy on Saturday night...So, we were chatting in a group situation and as usual I was very quiet because I wanted to observe(well, probably a bit mesmerized by Tom handsome good look, hehe).. So, at one point during the group conversation, Tom made a slight tap on my arms(it was very gentle)(Yes!).. I wasn't sure what that meant.. so I didn't really respond(trying to act cool)..
Throughout the evening, Shaun kept complimenting how good a cook Tom was, especially his cheesecake... I was quite intrigued as I love cheesecake.. As it was getting late and we(Scott and I) still wanted to go to Woody's later, Scott offered to give Tom a ride home. Tom and I were seating at the back seat, separated by another fellow...finally we dropped him off and leaving only Tom and me at the back...I was very quiet thoroughout the trip to Tom's place.. all of a sudden Tom asked both Shaun and I to come up to his condo to get a slice of the cheesecake he just made.. I was a bit surprised as I wasn't expecting Tom would even ask me...
Tom has a really nice place... as he was slicing the cheesecake in the kitchen we were giving ourselves a tour...Ok, so back to the kitchen, Tom was rubbing off some cheesecake stuck that on the knife with his finger and offered my to try(yep, right on his finger)

So, if you were me, what would you do?
a. Use your own finger and rub it off his finger
b. Decline the offer as you don't want to catch any bird flu
c. Tell him that this is inappropriate manner
d. Lick the cheesecake off his finger and suck his finger like a professional gay man

ugh.. I chose "d" And, as soon as I was doing that, Shaun started screaming.. "Oh my God, why are you sucking his finger?" I was so embarrassed... what was I supposed to do??

So, I thought I had really screwed up, sucking a guy's finger ... as we were leaving his place and saying goodbye.. I thought I would just give Tom a handshake and a hug, that would be it... but instead, Tom came up to me and gave me a kiss on my lips... awww... Needless to say, I was giggling all night and Scott was wondering what's going on when we were at Woody's.

Tom is a really nice guy, successful and handsome...I hope I will have a chance to get to know him.


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At 5:45 a.m., Blogger James said...

Fantastic! I share your joy and I totally understand the exhilaration at a possible dream come true.

However, it will only stay a dream if you don't make it happen. It sounds like he is interested, so I would suggest that you start making the next move ... nothing too extravagant ... something friendly would be nice ...

Best Wishes (You deserve it),



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