Saturday, December 31, 2005

Jackie Chan + Kawai Naoko

Some time around the late 80's, Naoko and Jackie Chan sang a duet during a live TV music show. The song was actually a gift from Naoko to Jackie.. you can see from the clip that they were both very nervous for different reasons. For Naoko, this was a dream come true as Jackie was a superstar in Japan. And for Jackie, singing live was not his expertise, but he did sing very well(most people don't know he can really sing(What's more, Jackie was married and Naoko really didn't want any rumour other than they were just very good friends and Naoko was doing this out of respect and admiration. One can imagine the amount of pressure she was under especially living in a society which was/is governered by 男尊女卑(predominance of man over woman). This is further confirmed by the way she looked at Jackie in the video. In the western world, you would hardly see this kind of "humble" or "shy" behaviour of a woman, but totally embraced in Japan.


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