Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Eki(Station) by Akina and Hiromi

Re-posting it as I am totally over it...


I recognised the raincoat
in the evening at the station,
my heart was pounding
I quickened my pace and walked on without pausing
It was the person that I used to love
The nostalgia came gashing
including those sad memories
I was lost with words
I wanted to let you know that
I could live happily even without you...

The only things that changed in the 2 years
were his glare and my hairstyle
We respectively returned to the persons that are waiting for us,
without even a second thought
I boarded the train next to the one that he was on
When I looked at the side view of his face
tears filled my eyes uncontrollably
For the first time, I understood
your feeling for me,
to the extent that it hurts
You loved only me

Into the crowd of the rush hour you disappeared
leaving sadness in my heart
When I got out of the station
the rain had stopped in the street
The night had arrived


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