Friday, April 28, 2006

もしもピアノが 弾けたなら(if I could play the piano..) by西田敏行

This beautiful song was released over 15 years ago in Japan.. and I absolutely fell in love with the I grow older, I get to love this song more and more...

If I could play the piano,
I would gather all my thoughts(about you) into a song
and dedicate it to you
On rainy days, it would be about the rain
On windy nights, it would be about the wind
On sunny days, it would be about the beautiful sky
But, I don't have a piano :-(
And I don't have a pair of hands
that will play you all these songs
I can only keep these words I want to tell you in my heart

If I could play the piano
I would turn on a small light
and play the songs for you
The joy of being in love with someone
The sadness of not understanding each other
The passion of love we can't suppress
But, I don't have a piano
And we don't dream the same dreams
So, my heart is always empty
And even the dream of playing the songs for you is disappearing
disappearing in sight

もしもピアノが 弾けたなら  
思いのすべてを 歌にして  
雨の降る日は 雨のよに  
風吹く夜には 風のように  
晴れた朝には 晴れやかに  
だけど僕には ピアノがない  
君に聞かせる 腕もない  
心はいつでも 半開き  
伝える言葉が 残される  
アーアアア アーアアア アーアアー  

もしもピアノが 弾けたなら  
小さな明かりを 一つ点(ツ)け  
人を愛した 喜びや  
心が通わぬ 悲しみや  
抑えきれない 情熱や  
だけど僕には ピアノがない  
君と夢見る こともない  
心はいつでも 空回り  
聞かせる夢さえ 遠ざかる  
アーアアア アーアアア アーアアー  


At 5:57 a.m., Blogger James said...

It was by accident that I heard it. Beautiful song and I know I know what it means, it adds special touch ...


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