Monday, August 15, 2005

Traffic violations

this is a true story happened recently to a friend of my sister:

She was stopped by a police officer in toronto even though she didn't violate any traffic regulations. The police officer asked for her car ownership. As she was looking for it in the glove box, he told her that she'd better not have one with her... She asked him why.. The police officer responded that even she did have it with her, he would give her a different traffic violation ticket... My sister's friend was very shocked.... there were 3 other people in the car witnessing this incident.. My sister's friend had no choice but to accept the ticket even though she was about to take out the ownership to show the police.

Here is my story, also true:
Two years ago, one morning, as I was driving to the TTC commuter parking lot to park my car before going to work, just like what I would do every workday morning, I was stopped by a police officer because I drove on the right lane reserved for buses for a few seconds in order to enter the parking lot at the finch subway station.. I was fully aware that it was a violation to drive that lane as I live around that area... However, the entrance of the parking lot is located right at the right lane, so I had absolutely no choice but to use that lane...

After I was stopped, the policer officer started screaming and yelling at me... so I asked him to calm down and what did I do wrong... He said I was driving on the reserved lane.. I said to him I had to because I needed to enter the parking lot. I asked him where did he see me start driving on the reserved lane.. he went on to make up a point of entry, which was a few blocks away. I told him there was no reason for me to enter the lane so early because there was construction work going on just before the parking lot entrance, it would not be very helpful.. he didnt listen and gave me a ticket...

I tried to fight it in court, I lost because all the judge listened to was the prosecutor and the police officer. I paid my fine immediately and requested an appeal.. A year late, I got a letter from the ministry of transport, saying I owed them a fine, which I didnt. So I called and called 'cause no one was ever around to answer the phone there, but finally got that cleared. I still have my receipt and I even paid the transcripts I requested in full... tonight I received a letter from them saying that they had suspended my license because I didn't pay the fine(which I did)... and the letter was asking me not just paying the fine but another $150 to reinstate my license... and if I am driving with a suspended license, there will be more fine etc..

What the fuck? This is fucking insane and absolute waste of tax payers money.

first, we pay for these fucking morons to issue traffic tickets as opposed to catching real criminals

second, we pay for these stupid people to send out blackmail letters

This is a harrassment.


At 10:08 p.m., Anonymous Sunboy2 said...

I'm shocked! I guess there are cops who genuinely want to do good, and others who just want to catch people in things so they can write tickets.

At 11:07 p.m., Blogger StrongSmartBold said...

that's some bullshit. Consider taking your story to a local tv station.

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