Monday, June 20, 2005

Dirty Tricks empolyed by the Defend Marriage Coalition

Taken from the today:

What's in a name? For politicians, everything.
It contains a reputation and a lifetime of political capital, all rolled into an easy two-word brand. But on the wild, mostly lawless Internet, a name is only as good as the first person to register it.
Canadian politicians debating same-sex marriage have suddenly found themselves into the worldwide debate over "cybersquatting" -- appropriating someone else's name and claiming it as your website address. It's usually done for profit, but it's increasingly used as a political tool as well.

At least 50 MPs -- mostly supporters of same-sex marriage -- have discovered that their names have been registered as websites by the Defend Marriage Coalition, a lobby group against same-sex unions. Names such as Joseph Volpe, Chuck Cadman and David McGuinty are already staked out.

When Liberal MP Don Boudria logs on to, he sees his official photo and constituency information, but also the headline: "Can you trust Don Boudria?" The site calls his constituents to "send Don Boudria an e-mail and let him know that you want him to vote against Bill C-38 and to protect the definition of marriage."


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