Sunday, November 06, 2005

美人薄命 Minako

When I found out that Minaoko passed away last night by accident, I was quite affected by the news.."Cancer again.." I said to myself.. This time, someone who is my age(one day younger than me), I listened to her song when I was a teenager..I was never a big ban of hers, but I do appreciate her voice because among all the idol singers, she was among the few who could actually sing very very well...Why took her life away so young....
I went to a Catholic School when I was in high school, used to go to church when I was younger, religiously(no pun intended).. Mom became a Christian before she passed away....I read the bible from cover to cover in different versions, Chinese, English, Christian, Catholic, etc
I still have not found the answer...
38 is just too young.. too cruel...



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