Thursday, December 22, 2005

Chinese Winter Festival

Today is Winter Festival. I no longer celebrate this event as it reminds me too much about the past, the time when my mother was still around. There is an old Chinese saying: "Winter Festival is more important than Chinese New Year". Chinese families would gather together and have a big traditional dinner, etc Instead, I went out for Japanese all you can eat tonight...I was at the restaurant rather early, so I was eating by myself as my sister decided she would celebrate this with her friends. First time in my life that I was eating winter festival dinner by myself. Last year, it was with my dad and my sister. Two years ago, it was my last winter festival dinner with my mother, and no one would have known. It would have been nice if we had taken some pictures, caputring moments where there were still laughters in the house.

After dinner tonight, I had this urge to translate this song(Halfmoon Serenade, released in 1985) by Naoko . I never fully understood the meaning of this song 'cause the words are very poetic. I never thought that my Japanese knowledge would be good enough to do it, but I had this sudden rush that I really wanted to do it tonight, so here it is, my first attempt:


あなたのもとへ 届くなら
水面(みなも)に散った 琥珀(きん)の枯れ葉を
月の雫を 左手に
涙でそっと ひとつにつなぐ
※青春の雲が切れる 年頃(きせつ)抱きしめ 
誰もみんな ひとりぼっちだから 
優しさを 愛(いと)おしむのね 
あなたの胸の 生命の響きに 満ちる夢

ふたりでいても 切なくて
あなたの指を ぎゅっとかんだの
恋をしても男の人 迷わないのね
流れて落ちた 星の輪が
胸の泉に 波を立てれば
欠けた月は淋しさに似て 心痛むの
美しい瞳のまま どうぞ愛して
幸福(しあわせ)をさがす 幸福ふたり
離さないで あヽ 時の銀河に流され 

If I can return to your place,
I want to tell you my wishes in a song
with muscial notes that are composed of withered leaves
scattered all over the river

Using my left hand, I gently collect a tear drop under the moonlight
I pray deeply that I would be able to tie this with the person I love

Cutting through the cloud of youth
Holding in your arms the change of seasons
'cause anyone will have moments of loneliness
Treasure tenderness by holding it in your arms
My dream is filled with the sound of life in your heart

More to come....


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