Friday, December 23, 2005

赤いスイートピー(1982) Red Sweet pea by Seiko
The lyrics of this song makes me smile..

It's Spring, let's take the train and go to the beach
Sitting quietly beside you, I can smell the cigarette scent on your shirt
From the day I met you, it's been over half a year
How come you never hold my hand?

I will follow you
I will follow you even I am a bit shy
Because you are a wonderful person
My heart is blossoming at the beach just like red sweet pea

Caught in the April rain, we are sitting on a bench at the train station
No one is around, but you are making me feel uncomfortable
Why do you keep looking at your watch?
Are you trying to make me cry?

I will follow you, wearing boots that have wings
I will follow you, runing along the same path of youth with you
Growing on the side of the railway are red sweet pea buds

I like you more than anyone I met before
I will follow you, because I like your lifestyle
Just like this, I don't want to go back, I don't want to go back
The day Spring came to my heart is when red sweet pea blossoms

春色の汽車に乗って 海に連れて行ってよ  
タバコの匂いのシャツに そっと寄りそうから  
何故 知りあった日から  
半年過ぎても あなたって  手も握らない 
I will follow you  あなたに付いてゆきたい 
I will follow you  ちょっぴり気が弱いけど 
心の岸辺に咲いた 赤いスイートピー 
四月の雨に降られて 駅のベンチで二人  
他に人影も無くて 不意に気まずくなる  
何故 あなたが時計を  
チラッと見るたび 泣きそうな  気分になるの? 
I will follow you  翼の生えたブーツで 
I will follow you  あなたと同じ青春 走ってゆきたいの  
線路の脇のつぼみは 赤いスイートピー  
好きよ今日まで 逢った誰より   
I will follow you あなたの生き方が好き  
このまま帰れない 帰れない  
心に春が来た日は 赤いスイートピー


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