Friday, May 26, 2006

天各一方 by 曾路得(miles apart by Ruth Tsang)

My favourite CantonPop in the 80's by Ruth Tsang..

我地會點o下頭 問候一o下
我只係知道 o系呢一剎那 我係想念你
其實 乜o野先至係真實而恆久o既呢
俾我相信世上有一幸福 垂手可得
有時 激情捉o系手裡面會化為灰燼
反而藏o系心底 可以歷久常新
一切眼淚 思憶都係徒然
重唱 *

English translation(first attempt, the translated text is not quite there yet,please let me know if I have made any errors, I am having a really tough time even understanding the essence of several sentences in Chinese, will fix them in the next several days, please bear with me for now):

We now live in different parts of the world
You have your own way of life
I continue with my busy schedules
If some day, we were to run into each other on the street
We would nod our heads, say hi to each other
Would we even know what else to say to each other next?
That’s because you would notice I’d have changed
Similarly, I would no longer know you

But, what difference would it make?
All I know, at this moment, I am missing you..

Who was it that made me fall madly in love with
Let me be gentle and tranquile like water
Gave my soul a sense of peacefulness
Helped me forget all the worries
Helped me chase the dreams that were young and genuine
Helped my spirit find comfort again
So I’d be able to rest quietly under the moon

So, what is real and permanent?
Maybe, we should just hold on to our desire and wishes
have faith that Happiness can be had anywhere, any time
Rather than grasping on to our passion, so it will burst into ashes
Maybe, we are better off burying it deep inside our hearts,
So it will stay there forever, always new and fresh
Is missing and longing for someone you once loved a greed?
All my tears and memories are in vain…


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