Monday, May 01, 2006

New Job, new office

For those who come to my blog on a regular basis, you may wonder why I have not been keeping up with my journal..That's because I have been busy with my job search...I started my new job last Wednesday.. After having a major software company as my client at my former ad agency for almost 6 years, I think this new job would offer me the next challenge..This is my 16th year working in advertising, I was looking for something that would add diversity to my experience, also something that I would enjoy(I've had enough of B2B, gosh, so boring!).. I have worked on major packaged goods clients, telco, financial etc.. so there is really not a lot of categories left for me to choose from... but sometimes when one door closed, another would open.. instead of doing all the searching myself, I was offered the position as an Account Director running the Mini Cooper account(plus a few others)... it's like a dream comes true.. for the last several years, I have been thinking of getting some automotive category experience, and the only advertiser I really wanted to work on was Mini...Tomorrow is my first client meeting at Mini's head office in Canada, which is about an hr drive from Toronto...and there is one other thing.. I have to overcome the fear of driving on for the past several weeks, I solicited my sister and my ex to be my driving coaches... btw, the above pic is my new corner office(my new boss actually let me pick the one I wanted as there were a few empty offices, hehe)


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