Sunday, February 05, 2006


A few disappointments at work this past week.. didn't feel like updating my blog.. have started seriously thinking if I want to continue my life journey in North America after having lived here for 21 years....

"This city is like a battlefield
Men are like wounded warriors
Gently scraping off the pain of your heart
Going back to your childhood,
Falling in the passion of your arms"

さあ 眠りなさい
疲れきった 体を投げだして
唇でそっと ふさぎましょう
ああ できるのなら
生まれ変わり あなたの母になって
差し出して あなたを守りたいのです

この都会(まち)は 戦場だから
男はみんな 傷を負った戦士
どうぞ 心の痛みをぬぐって
熱い胸に 甘えて

見せてくれた あなたのその涙
その夢を支えて 生きてゆこうと

恋ならば いつかは消える
けれども もっと深い愛があるの
ある日あなたが 背中を向けても
いつも私は あなたを遠くで
見つめている 聖母(マドンナ)

今は 心の痛みをぬぐって
熱い胸に 甘えて


At 5:22 p.m., Anonymous patrick said...


Thank you for wonderful blog and sharing some good memorable songs.

I hope you feel better soon. Please keep in mind that your emotion might be effected by post-New Year feeling. It's quite common. Especially, you have some lost memory regarding your mother.

Please feel better and look on the bright side.


At 4:27 p.m., Blogger say "cheese" said...

Ganbatte kudasai ne!
hope things will get better soon for you! and for me..since im going through a bad time too..

i like to check your blog from time to time. when im in a bad mood, i pass by and listen to the beautifull memorable songs here and feel better afterward. hope they are giving you good feelings too. as Patric said, look at the bright side.


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