Monday, June 05, 2006

Fashion Cares last night

Update(Here are some pics taken at the event)

Thought I would post a little about Fashion Cares last night...the weather was really crappy.. it rained all Scott, my best friend, met up at the Metro Convention Centre at around 7p. Shaun, his partner, was volunteering for the night, so Scott became my "date"(lol, well Shaun, thanks for lending me your husband for the night..)..Me bad, I didn't confirm until I was going to go until last minute, so making Scott a bit panicky as I was the custodian of the Gala tickets

Anyway, even though Scott and I didn't really talk about what we were going to wear last night.. we both ended up wearing a dark shirt with stripes..ok, that's where the rumour we were sitting at the dinner table, Rachel, someone I know through work, kept saying to Scott and I that we were the most stylish couple at the table and she wanted to take a lot of pics with both of us(lol).. then she went on to take a pic of both Scott and I, and kept yelling, "more love, more love".. Scott and I didn't quite know how to respond..

Later on in the eveing, while Scott was away from the table, Rachel started asking me.. "Oh, so where did you and Scott meet?"... I was like.. hmm.. time to clarify things.. so I told her we were just friends and his partner was actually working as a volunteer at the event...

The food at the gala dinner was very good this year..especially having our little friend,the muscle boy, entertaining us at the table.. there were no shortage of surprises.. such as him touching all the women's boobs at the table and Rachel's personal trainer boyfriend from chest to thighs... a bit too friendly, don't you think?

So, the fashion show started at almost 10p and didn't end until after midnight... wow so many good looking guys in one evening...the models were all stunning..there was one segment of the show where basically eveyone walked down the runway completely naked(yep, guys with no pants) with just body had a Canadian Flag painted on his body... I wonder if all these guys had to do something prior to the show to make sure they didn't all of sudden had an erection...

A lot of cruising going on all evening too.. I had never been cruised so many times in one evening.. but why didn't they come up and say hi? To all you hotties, come up and say hi please next time..I don't bite, unless you want me to

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Kurokami ni Amaryllis by Kawai Naoko

June marks my 16th year in Canada, 21st year in North America.. how time flies...I still remember leaving Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong in 1985 for university in the States..I would never have thought that after having stayed in New York for 2 years, I would be spending the next 3 years in Berkeley(1 yr) and Ann Arbor(2 yrs).. then Toronto..

Being brought up in a very traditional Chinese family, I find it sometimes very hard to strike a balance between my Chinese and North American "personality"...At work, I have to "act" as white as I possibly can.. especially working in an industry that is dominated by whites... at home, when my mother was still around, I would have to be this "perfect son", being the oldest son in my family was not many responsibilities..sometimes could be really tiring... In fact, my degree in Marekting was mainly because it was a more acceptable field of study in the Asian community other than Medical, Accounting, Engineering, etc...If I had a choice, it would have been Linguistics..but that wasn't something they could tell our relatives and neighbours...

And being a gay Asian in Toronto also has its challenges... sometimes, feel like an invisible man..

At work, I look too young... in the gay community, I am too old, so I was told by some.. go figure..If Brad Pitt at 42 can go out with someone 12 years younger than him, why can't I do the same?

In the album titled Japan released in 1985 by Kawai Naoko, there was a song about this girl named Amaryllis, who was exactly in this situation:

Friday, June 02, 2006

Fashion Cares tomorrow night

Still haven't decided what to wear...

A-MEI 張惠妹-聽海(listening to the Ocean)

Tonight, I went to see XM3... Last time, I went to see XM2, it was with my partner(my ex)... tonight I drove home by myself after the movie, telling myself I should enjoy being single..

I don't usually listen to taiwanese songs.... but when I heard this song for the first time many years ago... I fell in love with it.. especially the lyrics..

You sent me a letter today telling me
What colour the ocean is
The ocean that keeps you company every night
Do you know how she feels?
Grey means she doesn’t want to talk about it
Blue means melancholic
And you are the one who is always drifting
With a heart like tidal wave
Where are you going to settle down?
*You wrote me a letter tonight telling me
What kind of dream you are having
Am I the one who doesn’t give you a chance to choose
when I am in or out of your dream
My heart sinks
Through the night, I can’t close my eyes
Why won’t you get closer to me
Even thou’ obviously you have fallen for me
Listen…. The Ocean is weeping
Feeling sorry for those who were hurt and still not awake
“No, I am not one of them
At least I am calm and I know what I am doing”
But tears, even tears won’t believe what I say
Listen... The sound of a weeping Ocean
Maybe this Ocean has so much love to give
Weeping till sunrise
Your letter is our last date?
Telling me how you felt when you left me

National Break Up day

Today is National Break Up day... so if you are unhappy with your partner, time to send him packing and find someone better.