Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Minako's vid clips(Updated)

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1986 Marilyn:




Tuesday, November 08, 2005

笑顔(Smiley) :-) by Honda Minako

今年3月に病床で作詞「笑顔」 本田さんが今年3月に病床で作詞した「笑顔」というタイトルの歌詞もこの日、公開された。関係者によると、曲はまだできておらず、CD化は未定。(以下原文のまま)
In March this year, while Minako san was sick in bed, she wrote the lyrics for a song titled "Smiling face". It was being published. However, according to the people who knew her, the melody for the song was not ready, so the CD release date is still undetermined.

笑顔 子供も、大人も、おじいちゃんも、おばあちゃんも、みんな、みんな 笑っている顔が素敵。怒っている顔よりも、泣いている顔よりも、困っている顔よりも 笑顔が一番!!
Smiling face, little kids, adults, old men and old women, everyone, when similing, is most beautiful. Rather than being angry, crying, and getting upset, one should smile, 'cause it is the best!


"Smile means happiness", alot of people know what it means in the heads but don't that in there hearts.

Open your heart, use the eyes of your heart, look around, you will find little sprouts of happiness growing!


Then, gradually, each one will give birth to smiling face.

When smiling face starts to grow, it will change into happiness very soon.


However, I think as we grow, we will of course there will be times where we feel bitter and sad, and we just can't help crying and will cannot open our hearts

At that time, we should not give up. You are not the only one who is unlucky.

もっと、心が暗闇に閉じこめられている人達も、沢山いることを、少しだけ思い出してみて。 自分の力で、心を開く人もいれば、誰かの愛で、心を開いてもらう人もいる。
Try to think about there are alot of people who would hide themselves in a dark corner.
If there is someone who will use his power to open his heart, there is always someone who will need this love to open his heart

気が付かないうちに心が開いている人もいれば、歌や音楽で、心が開く人もいる。それは、人それぞれだと思うの。 人は心が閉じたり、開いたり、いろいろな経験、そして、沢山心で感じることによって豊かな心を持ち、豊かな笑顔を育てて行けるのではないのかナ!?と私は思います。

自分自身、豊かな笑顔が増えたら、きっと周りにいる人達にも、幸せ届ける事が出来るでしょう。 笑顔がいちばん

A link to Minako's news coverage in Eng


Sunday, November 06, 2005

美人薄命 Minako

When I found out that Minaoko passed away last night by accident, I was quite affected by the news.."Cancer again.." I said to myself.. This time, someone who is my age(one day younger than me), I listened to her song when I was a teenager..I was never a big ban of hers, but I do appreciate her voice because among all the idol singers, she was among the few who could actually sing very very well...Why took her life away so young....
I went to a Catholic School when I was in high school, used to go to church when I was younger, religiously(no pun intended).. Mom became a Christian before she passed away....I read the bible from cover to cover in different versions, Chinese, English, Christian, Catholic, etc
I still have not found the answer...
38 is just too young.. too cruel...


本田美奈子(Honda Minako)

Minako san passed away on Nov 16th at 4:38am after losing the battle against bone marrow leukemia. She was 38 years old..


以《1986年的瑪麗蓮》、動畫片《獵人》主題歌《風之歌》等暢銷金曲而知名、同時作為音樂劇演員活躍於舞臺上的日本歌手本田美奈子,6日上午4點38分因急性骨髓性白血病在東京的某醫院去世,年僅38歲。 本田美奈子出生在東京。1985年本田美奈子以一曲“充滿殺機的假期”踏入歌壇,此後作為實力派歌手又陸續推出了《One way Generation》、《孤獨的颶風》等數首暢銷金曲。1992年她主了音樂劇“西貢小姐”,之後又出演了多部音樂劇,頗受好評。 今年1月,本田美奈子被診斷為急性骨髓性白血病,緊急住院後與病魔進行了頑強的鬥爭。

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Finger licking good

Last Saturday, I had an interesting evening... I was invited to a Halloween house party by my best friends Scotty and Shaunie.. I wasn't even planning on going as I thought we were just going to have dinner together... So, at the party, we ran into Tom(not his real name, I called him Tom coz I thought he looked like Tom Cruise that evening with his facial hair ;-)) I met Tom over a year ago when I was invited to a Christmas party, again thanks to Scotty and Shaunie.. I have always had a bit of a crush on Tom.. but was too shy to talk to him last year and still very shy on Saturday night...So, we were chatting in a group situation and as usual I was very quiet because I wanted to observe(well, probably a bit mesmerized by Tom handsome good look, hehe).. So, at one point during the group conversation, Tom made a slight tap on my arms(it was very gentle)(Yes!).. I wasn't sure what that meant.. so I didn't really respond(trying to act cool)..
Throughout the evening, Shaun kept complimenting how good a cook Tom was, especially his cheesecake... I was quite intrigued as I love cheesecake.. As it was getting late and we(Scott and I) still wanted to go to Woody's later, Scott offered to give Tom a ride home. Tom and I were seating at the back seat, separated by another fellow...finally we dropped him off and leaving only Tom and me at the back...I was very quiet thoroughout the trip to Tom's place.. all of a sudden Tom asked both Shaun and I to come up to his condo to get a slice of the cheesecake he just made.. I was a bit surprised as I wasn't expecting Tom would even ask me...
Tom has a really nice place... as he was slicing the cheesecake in the kitchen we were giving ourselves a tour...Ok, so back to the kitchen, Tom was rubbing off some cheesecake stuck that on the knife with his finger and offered my to try(yep, right on his finger)

So, if you were me, what would you do?
a. Use your own finger and rub it off his finger
b. Decline the offer as you don't want to catch any bird flu
c. Tell him that this is inappropriate manner
d. Lick the cheesecake off his finger and suck his finger like a professional gay man

ugh.. I chose "d" And, as soon as I was doing that, Shaun started screaming.. "Oh my God, why are you sucking his finger?" I was so embarrassed... what was I supposed to do??

So, I thought I had really screwed up, sucking a guy's finger ... as we were leaving his place and saying goodbye.. I thought I would just give Tom a handshake and a hug, that would be it... but instead, Tom came up to me and gave me a kiss on my lips... awww... Needless to say, I was giggling all night and Scott was wondering what's going on when we were at Woody's.

Tom is a really nice guy, successful and handsome...I hope I will have a chance to get to know him.