Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Does finding the right partner guarantee happiness?
Why is she crying if she is really happy?

Monday, February 27, 2006

100% so kamo ne(100% possible)

ah... aren't they cute..

本木雅弘 MASAHIRO MOTOKI(mo kun), the one on the right of the screen, did a nude photo shoot in 1991. He is one of the most beautiful men in Japan.. And in one Red & White show appearance, he wore an outfit accessoried with condoms and unzipped the back of his pants half way through the song.. no, it was not a custume malfuntion.. the camera man was not expecting that so it was a good close up for 5 secs...and we thought, "Yes, there is a God!"

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Last Song For you ~ Last TV appearance

Unlike Agnes, Momome chose(or was pressured) to retire after getting married....(Notice Judy Ongg and Hediki Saijo, 2 of my favourite singers, were standing in the front row, they must be really really popular back then)

Friday, February 24, 2006



山口百惠 ~ Last Song for you



Sunday, February 19, 2006

Agnes Chan - Forget Yourself

In the old days, Chinese women were not allowed to have an eduation. You know why? Here is the reason: when you allow them to have an education, they make the world a lot better, especially when you let a young girl named Agnes Chan go to Japan and become the biggest idol in Japanese music history. Not only that, she then went on to get an undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto and then a few years later a PHD at Standford.

A few days ago, she released her first English Album in the US at the age of 51:

In 1987, she made a significant impact on the Japanese society ~ Agnes Controversy:

I was never a big fan of hers, but nevertheless have followed news about her for the last 20 years. Apparently, my aunt was supposed to be the one who got that opportunity to go to sing in Japan, but she didn't like singing Japanese songs, so she turned it down.

Performing her debut song, hinageshi no hana(Poppies), at a farewell party before leaving for Toronto:

Same song, first appearance at the Red and White show, I think she was 16 then:

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Solitude at North Station

If anyone is getting my roses, they'd better look as good as those on Naoko's dress:

BTW, does this song not remind you of George Michael's Careless Whisper?

AKAI HANA(red flower)

Red flower, hmm.. does she mean Roses? Well, I didn't get any yesterday..

English translation
by Tien
Japanese lyrics by : Minako Kawae
Composed by : Kim Hyeong-Seok
Arranged by : Satoshi Takebe

All by myself
I scoped up
those days that are sieving
from between my fingers

All that person
left behind is
a desert that
engulfs even the light

Ah... Although my heart screams
in such an barren world
no sound will be made

Wind, please don't sweep
because it can bury your whereabouts so deeply
that you can never be found again
Let my thoughts sleep until they decay

I shall give you my last tear
for the flower that will not bloom again
At least, red, that colour
can be ascertained until it disolves

Coincidental meeting
can transform even tenderness into a knife
Why do I chase such unbearable pain

Ah... I would rather be cut and torn up
Leaving after inflicting on me
those numb pain

Now, please don't tell me
your reason for being able to dump everything and leave
Shinning from far
don't say that even your love (for me) is not genuine

Once I shed my last tear
I won't be able to see you again
I will continue walking
to anywhere in the midst of the rusty scenery

Wind, please don't sweep
because it can bury your whereabouts so deeply
that you can never be found again
Let my thoughts sleep until they decay

I shall give you my last tear
for the flower that will not bloom again
At least, red, that colour
can be watched until it disolves

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Love Letter

"I like him, even though I don't tell him...."

Lavender Lips

"Gently, you steal my lips... you then hold me and steal my heart"

(Note: Yukiko, the rising young idol who painted Naoko's picture posted here, committed suicide almost 20 years ago, zannen deshita ne)

izayoi monogatari(Story of the 16th night)

When a person is in love, life is complete just like the moon on the 15th night...
Piling up dreams that are incomplete because you are missing, I want to meet you but I am not able to...the feeling is like the 16th night"

"Please use your kiss to heal where it is hurting before...
holding me so tight to the point where you can no longer love anyone else..."

As long as we are dreaming..

Yume ga sugi temo... last song found in the album "Daydream Coast" produced by David Foster(Winner of Best Album of the year at Record Award)

"When our love is about to disappear, anyone will become gentle and tender...I just can't forget the days when we were having the same dream..."

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Brokeback to the Future

Something funny for a change.....

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Habour Light Memories

Heart throbbing, summer love.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Night after night

Make sure you listen all the way till the end...

Sky Park(performed live at thanksgiving party concert)

Sky Park, a place where you take a walk with your bf, holding his hands, not letting go even if you are lost. In Sky Park, you will only find blue sky, gentle breeze, rainbow, birds singing, flowers blossoming... it is where you spend your lifetime together...and where is sky park? It's inside your heart.

想い出を積み重ね 二人で歩きたい
もう何も迷わないの それが愛すること

羽ばたいた 白い鳩
追いかけ 空の果て
どこまでも あなたとなら
私 決めているの

あなたの愛 あふれてくるようで

 輝き続ける どんな時も

走り去る青春を あなたと見つめたい
虹色の風景画を 胸に描きながら

時は絶えず 流れているけど
信じ合える今が 明日だと
あなたの瞳 教えてくれる

私の心 Sky Park
花は咲き乱れ 鳥は歌う


Monday, February 06, 2006

許さない(Yurusanai) can't forgiveby Hiromi

If you can forget, why not forgive as well..

Have you forgotten all the passionate nights we were holding each other? We kissed and kissed in the rain, I gave you all I had..
On days where things were not going well, we continued our journey because of trust...
I liked you because of the way you were, so innocent

I dreamed a dream.. from Les Miserables

or maybe we simply choose to forget

Violet tears

It was during Kouhaku in 1981 where I first saw Hiromi performed sumire iro no namida(violet tears), I was so moved by the song.. a few years ago, I happened to come across a video clip of that evening's performance... that relationship must have hurt so much

Sunday, February 05, 2006


A few disappointments at work this past week.. didn't feel like updating my blog.. have started seriously thinking if I want to continue my life journey in North America after having lived here for 21 years....

"This city is like a battlefield
Men are like wounded warriors
Gently scraping off the pain of your heart
Going back to your childhood,
Falling in the passion of your arms"

さあ 眠りなさい
疲れきった 体を投げだして
唇でそっと ふさぎましょう
ああ できるのなら
生まれ変わり あなたの母になって
差し出して あなたを守りたいのです

この都会(まち)は 戦場だから
男はみんな 傷を負った戦士
どうぞ 心の痛みをぬぐって
熱い胸に 甘えて

見せてくれた あなたのその涙
その夢を支えて 生きてゆこうと

恋ならば いつかは消える
けれども もっと深い愛があるの
ある日あなたが 背中を向けても
いつも私は あなたを遠くで
見つめている 聖母(マドンナ)

今は 心の痛みをぬぐって
熱い胸に 甘えて