Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My song for you today..

If I can say I have made a difference in someone's life, I think I have lived...

Monday, August 22, 2005


ご縁, pronounced the same way as 5 Japanese yen, Go E N...
The first time I learnt this Japanese word was in my third year Japanese class at the University of Michigan. Although I had known this Kanji character all my life as we used the same character in Chinese, I didn't know that because of its smilarity to the pronounciation of 5 Japanese yen, Japanese sometimes gave out 5 yen to people they met to symbolize "fate or destiny", or "it is fate that brought us together".

I don't think the English translation of this word is accurate. However, I still have not found a better way to translate.. there is something missing when you say fate and destiny, not quite ご縁...

For those who are the creative type, you will notice the symbol resembles two ropes being tied together, sort of like tying the knots...

In Chinese, we say 縁分, two characters. Sometimes, two people might just have 縁, but not 分. By that, we meant, their paths cross because they are destined to meet... however, if they don't have 分, they won't have the chance to share their lives together or stay together...


look at me about to fall
for a perfect stranger
what is this that's happening to me

suddenly i am not alone
I am with a perfect stranger
somehow I feel it meant to be

heaven knows
something i don't know
maybe we'll find out together

*if there's an end to this
let's not get into this
finding each other
and if it's not paradise
do we have time to change our mind
'cause we're falling together
or not at all*

something's coming over me
i'm not sure i can handle
maybe i'm just losing my mind

it takes time for love to grow
from nothing to forever
i think that's what you are feeling
so am i

all alone how can i be sure
we'll have to find out together

*~* repeat

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Lavender Lips

"Gently, you steal my lips..
A hug, you steal my heart...."

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

時の流れに身をまかせ(let time go by) by Teresa Teng

Teresa, one of my favourite Chinese singers. She was very popular in the 70's and 80's... passed away about 10 years ago.. This song brought her another high point in Japan...I didnt quite understand the lyrics when I was younger, but now I can really appreciate the meaning and wish that some day I would b saying this to my partner..if I find him:
If I had not met you
What would I be doing?
Leading an average life? Loving just an average guy?

Spending every day of my life with you
Colored by your love
We only live once
So even if I have to give up everything
I don't even care
As long as you are with me
Because you are the only person
I can fall in love with

If you no longer loved me
I would not have tomorrow
I would not be able to live on memories alone
Spending everyday of my life with you
Cuddling tenderly
even if I have to give up my life
It won't matter
As long as you are with me
Because you are the only person I can see
having a future with

Spending every day of my life with you
Colored by your love
We only live once
So even if I have to give up everything
I don't even care
As long as you are beside me
Because you are the only person
I can fall in love with

もしもあなたと 会えずにいたら
私は何を してたでしょうか
平凡だけど 誰かを愛し 
普通の暮らし してたでしょうか
時の流れに 身をまかせ
あなたの色に 染められ
一度の人生 それさえ
捨てることも かなわない
だから お願い そばに置いてね
今は あなたしか 愛せない

もしも あなたに 嫌われたなら
明日と言う日 なくしてしまうわ
約束なんか いらないけれど
想い出だけじゃ 生きてゆけない
時の流れに 身をまかせ
あなたの胸に 寄り添い
きれいになれた それだけで
いのちさえも いらないわ
だから お願い そばに置いてね
今はあなたしか 見えないの
時の流れに 身をまかせ
あなたの色に 染められ
一度の人生 それさえ
捨てることも かなわない
だから お願い そばに置いてね
今は あなたしか 愛せない

Monday, August 15, 2005

Traffic violations

this is a true story happened recently to a friend of my sister:

She was stopped by a police officer in toronto even though she didn't violate any traffic regulations. The police officer asked for her car ownership. As she was looking for it in the glove box, he told her that she'd better not have one with her... She asked him why.. The police officer responded that even she did have it with her, he would give her a different traffic violation ticket... My sister's friend was very shocked.... there were 3 other people in the car witnessing this incident.. My sister's friend had no choice but to accept the ticket even though she was about to take out the ownership to show the police.

Here is my story, also true:
Two years ago, one morning, as I was driving to the TTC commuter parking lot to park my car before going to work, just like what I would do every workday morning, I was stopped by a police officer because I drove on the right lane reserved for buses for a few seconds in order to enter the parking lot at the finch subway station.. I was fully aware that it was a violation to drive that lane as I live around that area... However, the entrance of the parking lot is located right at the right lane, so I had absolutely no choice but to use that lane...

After I was stopped, the policer officer started screaming and yelling at me... so I asked him to calm down and what did I do wrong... He said I was driving on the reserved lane.. I said to him I had to because I needed to enter the parking lot. I asked him where did he see me start driving on the reserved lane.. he went on to make up a point of entry, which was a few blocks away. I told him there was no reason for me to enter the lane so early because there was construction work going on just before the parking lot entrance, it would not be very helpful.. he didnt listen and gave me a ticket...

I tried to fight it in court, I lost because all the judge listened to was the prosecutor and the police officer. I paid my fine immediately and requested an appeal.. A year late, I got a letter from the ministry of transport, saying I owed them a fine, which I didnt. So I called and called 'cause no one was ever around to answer the phone there, but finally got that cleared. I still have my receipt and I even paid the transcripts I requested in full... tonight I received a letter from them saying that they had suspended my license because I didn't pay the fine(which I did)... and the letter was asking me not just paying the fine but another $150 to reinstate my license... and if I am driving with a suspended license, there will be more fine etc..

What the fuck? This is fucking insane and absolute waste of tax payers money.

first, we pay for these fucking morons to issue traffic tickets as opposed to catching real criminals

second, we pay for these stupid people to send out blackmail letters

This is a harrassment.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Hatenai(no ending)

One phrase I learnt from listening to Jpops was "hatenai koi". It means a love relationship that has no ending...which is kind of how I would describe all my relationships in the past 15 ending.. never get to the shore..... no matter what I do, he will always leave me for someone younger or cuter....

I also learnt the phrase "hitoride kurashite", which means living alone....something I don't want, but I need to get used to as this might be my situation for the rest of my life if I can't find my prince charming...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Seiko vs. Q taro... need I say more

Monday, August 08, 2005


It has been a dry and hot summer in Toronto, we definitely need some raindrops... Amadare(raindrop) by Kawai Naoko. Enjoy:

Sunday, August 07, 2005

2005 Toronto Pride Parade

As promised, here is a link to all the pics I took on 2005 Pride Day in Toronto:

Danforth Street Festival

Went to Greek town today, had a blast. BBQ Quail is the best!
Scott and Tim, great friends, looks like they had a great time too.

あなたに会えてよかった(It's so nice to have met you) by Akina

Sometimes it is too late by the time you realize the person who loved you most is no longer remember the lonely nights he was around you when you were down? He didn't really need to say anything, just there by your side and you would just feel a lot better. You could always be honest around each other...."sorry, I didn't accept your kindness and ran away", you said.. "you were the best ever happened to my life..." maybe it is already too late...

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Smile For Me by Akina

Yep , I do smile..

Eki(Station) by Akina and Hiromi

The other day, I saw him leaving the subway station(I hope it is ok for me to post this song for the second time)

I recognised the raincoat
in the evening at the station,
my heart was pounding
I quickened my pace and walked on without pausing
It was the person that I used to love
The nostalgia came gashing
including those sad memories
I was lost with words
I wanted to let you know that
I could live happilyeven without you...
The only things that changed in the 2 years
were his glare and my hairstyle
We respectively returned to the persons that are waiting for us,
without even a second thought
I boarded the train next to the one that he was on
When I looked at the side view of his face
tears filled my eyes uncontrollably
For the first time, I understood
your feeling for me,to the extent that it hurts
You loved only me
Into the crowd of the rush hour you disappeared
leaving sadness in my heart
When I got out of the station
the rain had stopped in the street
The night had arrived


I have started to push myself harder at the gym..should I start posting pics of my progress in my blog?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Smile for me.. Smile for you

Sometimes, I think if I were straight, my girlfriend would have to be as cute as Naoko... don't believe me? see for yourself..

Sai Ai by Yoshie

Who doesn't want somone to say this to you:
The third peron I love most is you
The second person I love most is you
The number one person I love most is you
Till death...only you


ジュディ・オング(Judy Ongg) ~ the most beautiful Chinese woman on earth

Winner of the 1979 Japan Record Award...

"In the arms of the man who is holding me, I dream of my love next to be... hmm"

Akina's version of 夢先案内人

Riding on a boat and watching sunrise, you turn around from time to time, winking and sweet... but it is only a dream...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

More about me..

Somewhere on the net, you will find this posting I did over a year ago...

What am I looking for? I am looking for my life partner. Someone who is smart, ambitious, physically fit, caring, not selfish/self-centred or manipulative. To me, honesty is the most important. I say what I think and have zero tolerance for those who play games. When I am in love, I give my partner all I have and ask only for his love in return. I am looking for someone I can grow old with, being there for each other in bad times and won`t quit. A long term relationship is about honesty, caring, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding and compromise. Everyday, you learn to love your partner, learn to love his imperfections, learn to see the good side and the potential of your lover. It is not about instant gratification or satisfaction. It is about little things that two people can share that slowly build up and last a life time. It is about coming home, knowing someone will be there waiting for you to start dinner rather than waiting at Starbucks every weekend for your online encounters to show up. It is about being turned on by his heart, love and wonderful personality, not the size of his cock or versatility in bed. It is about dealing with crisis together, inclusion, not exclusion. It is about sharing happy and sad moments together. When we are still young, it is very easy to fall in love on the basis of physical attributes and sexual desire. But have you thought about who will there for each other when you turn 65? Look at the person you are dating now, and add 30 yrs to his age, and ask yourself, will he be there for me?

"The Goat In Love The Goat is a shy animal, a fact that is also quite obvious in most people born under this Chinese sign. For some reason this fact puts a number of people off trying to strike up a deep relationship with the sign. This could worry the Goat a little and help to induce the nervy side of the Goat nature, which is quite pronounced in any case. Once the barriers are down, this is an affable, warm and very genuine character, who possesses courage, good organising abilities and a practical common sense that is second to none. The Goat is a deep sensualist and being emotionally warm, delights in being loved absolutely. Some people would say that the Goat can be rather too serious for his or her own good, but all members of the flock are likely to be very family minded, and devoted to those for whom they show a deep concern. The Goat is not likely to make a first move romantically, and may even seem cool until you get to know their character better. This is not a one-night stand and it is fair to suggest that you gain more from a relationship with the Goat as time goes by. The effort you put in is directly mirrored back at you, however, and there never was a better investment in time and devotion than this one. Goats are often successful in a material sense, usually by dint of perseverance. A quiet, pleasant and usually delightful exterior overlays the more competent qualities that lie beneath. The Goat person is famous for his or her warm smile and pleasant personality and is usually happy to settle for one relationship at a time, which is often also for life. Certainly a steady sign, that of the Goat. The Male Goat The male Goat is often a natural born home- maker, is a warm and affectionate partner and a particularly good friend. You will enjoy his company under most circumstances and should find him to be the greatest 'mate' that you could possibly have. Maintaining the status quo is always easy with the male Goat around, though actually changing things significantly might be more difficult. If it is Indiana Jones that you are looking for, the male Goat may not be for you, though he is fond of travel and would relish the sort of journey which is 'different' in some way. All the same, he does like to be at home much of the time, and so can alternate between contentment and restlessness. Passion, in the strict sense of the word, may not be Mr. Goat's stock- in -trade, and you do need to put a bomb under his rear and sometimes if you want to get the best out of his potential. In a deeply personal sense he has what it takes to keep you happy, but you might have to do some of the initial running and will need to ring the changes in order to keep things fresh and alive. Personality is not something that is naturally inherent to the male Goat, though those who would assert this probably do not know him as well as they might. You could find him to be just the right sort of person to spend the rest of your life with and, once he has made up his mind, he could be around for good. Mr Goat is a good worker, adores his family and is probably never going to be 'one of the boys', so chances are you will know where to find him most of the time. He needs to lighten up a little and maybe you can help him"

愛・おぼえていますか(Love, do you remember?)

Japanese love their anime and take their theme songs very seriously, here is an example of a very popular song... I especially love one part of the lyrics:

"Do you remember our eyes met for the first time?
Do you remember our hands touched for the first time?
It was that moment we started our journey of love together...
Because of you, I will no longer be alone"

作詞 安井かずみ
唄 飯島真理
作曲 加藤和彦
今 あなたの声が聴こえる
淋しさに 負けそうな わたしに
今 あなたの姿が見える
目を閉じて 待っている わたしに
昨日まで 涙でくもってた心は今・・・・・・
※おぼえていますか 目と目が合った時を 
おぼえていますか 手と手が触れあった時 
それが初めての 愛の旅立ちでした 
I love you, so

今 あなたの視線感じる
体中が 暖かくなるの
今 あなたの愛信じます
昨日まで 涙でくもってた世界は今・・・・・・
※repeatもう ひとりぼっちじゃないあなたがいるから
※repeatもう ひとりぼっちじゃないあなたがいるから・・・・・・

My Song For You

Years ago, when Naoko performed first time as a singer song writer, she performed this song at a concert. The title of the song was My Song for You, and my blog title was inspired by her songs... and here it is, really beautiful lyrics(unfortunately, the video/audio file I have is damaged, so I can no longer view or listen to the song. If anyone has a copy to share, please let me know, thanks in advance):



みんなに逢えて よかった
喝采が やさしい
かたすみの 遠い あなた
歌声は 届いた?

つまずきそうな時は いつでも
はじめて 歌えた日を 想うの

メロディーは 命へと
つぶやきは 心へと
愛のうた 贈りたいの
信じてた 明日を

最後の曲が 流れるころは
星屑が 想い出を うめるよ

メロディーは 命から
つぶやきは 心から
あふれだす 歌はみんな

メロディーは 命から
つぶやきは 心から
あふれだす 歌はみんな

Yakusoku(a date) by Akina

Wouldn't it be nice to cuddle with your date tonight, tomorrow night, every night... (unfortunately, it is someone else your date is cuddling with)

作詞:竹内 まりや
作曲:竹内 まりや

目を覚まさないうちに 切るから

楽しかったことだけ 想い出すの
二度と会わないと 決めたあなたが

いつかどこかで すれ違っても
涙がひと粒 ぽつんと落ちて
アドレス帳の 名前消したの

Monday, August 01, 2005


I posted the tranlsation of Yokan below.. above link is a video clip when Akina performed live

Akina~flower in water