Saturday, December 31, 2005

Second Love, Second Chance?

After over 20 years, Akina was given a second chance to sing her 1982 hit Second Love in The Best Ten.(She lost her voice the first time due to sickness, unfortunately she mixed up the lyrics at the end when she sang the second time, that's why she was hitting her head with her hand) Do we all get a second chance even if a mistake was made the first time? Ending this year's blogging, I would like to dedicate this song to all of us who deserve a second chance, hope you enjoy her very touching performance as much as I do. Wishing you all:

Happy New Year
Bonne Annee

Lyrics by : Etsuko KisugiComposed by : Takako KisugiArranged by : Mitsuo Hagita

As it's my second time in love,
I am a little more skillful
I wish to convey my love message
Holding the sleeve of your sweater
I can only look down
I don't want to go home
I want to stay by your side
Yet I can't said that out loud
Time, please hold me in your arms, please take me along
Please carry me to somewhere
the speed of my pain accelerates
I am at a complete loss

As it's my second time in love,
I am more at ease
I wish to response to your sweet soft nothings
I pretend to be tidying my fringe
and hang my head down
I wish to freeze your shadow, which is cast on the pavement
Time and body, please hold me in your arms
Please scoop me up
I made a cross painfully and bid farewell
I dislike to be pursued
Time, please hold me in your arms, please take me along
Please carry me to somewhere
I am at a complete loss
I am suffering in my monologue heart

Jackie Chan + Kawai Naoko

Some time around the late 80's, Naoko and Jackie Chan sang a duet during a live TV music show. The song was actually a gift from Naoko to Jackie.. you can see from the clip that they were both very nervous for different reasons. For Naoko, this was a dream come true as Jackie was a superstar in Japan. And for Jackie, singing live was not his expertise, but he did sing very well(most people don't know he can really sing(What's more, Jackie was married and Naoko really didn't want any rumour other than they were just very good friends and Naoko was doing this out of respect and admiration. One can imagine the amount of pressure she was under especially living in a society which was/is governered by 男尊女卑(predominance of man over woman). This is further confirmed by the way she looked at Jackie in the video. In the western world, you would hardly see this kind of "humble" or "shy" behaviour of a woman, but totally embraced in Japan.

Debut ~Fly me to Love

Stupid act by asshole Koji ruined Naoko's performance in 1986 Kohaku( the beer they left on the stage also caused a band memeber of shibugakitai to fall when they performed after Naoko)...You will see the difference between a real pro and an amateur singer like Koji in the video

The following entries could be found in Wikipedia:



Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year's Resolution

1. Gain 20 pounds
2. Getting my dream car(with chromed side mirrors)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Halfmoon Serenade performed in Yoru Hit Studio

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Come again

Don't we all love to come again and again...

Halfmoon Serenade by Naoko at Kohaku

Akina Nakamori - Missed You

Absolutely stunning:

Get up, get up, get up, burning love

I don't think any of her fans will forget her incredible perfomrance at the 1986's Kouhaku Utagassen


Caress, found in one of my favourite Akina's album, Balance+Unbalance. Touch me, touch me, touch me through the night:

Bilitis (b-side of I Missed "The Shock") by Akina

Akina Nakamori - Musica Fiesta Tour 2002(Behind the scene)

ササン゙ウイント (Southern Wind) by Akina

It's been freezing cold in Toronto for the last several days, would be really nice to have some southern wind...Question: Is it dangerous to wink at cute boys while drying my hair?

石川秀美 - 愛の呪文 (Love spell by Hidemi)

Recently, someone said I had cast a love spell over him... lol, not sure about that.. but here is Hidemi's Love Spell, which helped her earn a spot on Kohaku many years ago...funny performance

Dear Friends

Akina's comeback hit after her suicide attempt.

Akina Nakamori - The Heat ~ Musica Fiesta

Found this rare video, enjoy..

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Desparate Housewives at my gym

Something is definitely wrong with certain women at my gym.. for some reasons they don't like guys waiting for their turn for the machine these desparate housewives were monopolizing, if you know what I mean.
Today, while I was waiting for my turn to use the ab crunch bench, this desparate housewife,who had been using it for more than 10 mins, started to scream at me, bitching about my standing in front of the bench. She said I was making her uncomfortable. Good lord, there was really no other place to stand and wait other than in front of her.. so I gently asked her what her issues were, while doing that, the guy using the bench next to her came to my rescue. He said there was nothing wrong with where I stood.. this desparate housewife immediately changed her target and started to scream at this guy as well... I told her I didn't mind waiting at all as I had plenty of time and it wasn't like she was going to do alot more.. Guess how she responded.. she said she was going to do 5000 reps(for your information, this desparate housewife was quite ugly and out of shape and if she was doing her ab crunches properly, her eyes should stay focused on the ceiling and wouldn't notice where I was).. So this is what I told her: You should either get your own private gym or go see a shrink as obviously you have some personal issues you need to get resolved

A few months ago, a smilar incident happened to me while I was waiting for my turn to use the bench press machine.. another desparate houswife..

Driving home tonight after my work out, I had all these thoughts and unanswered questions:

1. Are these women going through menopause or have some kind of hormone imbalance?
2. Are these women doing this purposedly so they can get attention from other men working out in the gym? so I just happened to be the victim that day?
3. There are gyms that are women exclusive, why don't these desparate housewives join those?
4. Why don't they work out at home if they don't want to share?
5. Do these desparate housewives have an unhappy childhood?
6. I feel sorry for their kids, partners/husbands and co-workers. They have to deal with these women at home or at work.
7. When was the last time they get laid, if at all?
8. Should I buy them a vibrator next time I see them in the gym?
9. Memoirs of a low class Geisha
10. Kmart and Walmart
11. Track pants with high heels
12. Madonna's unshaven armpits

Or maybe, I should just join a gay gym..

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Touch me, touch me, touch me thru' the night

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Learn something new today

I never knew this Cantonese word had such a long history...

Friday, December 23, 2005


Toshy... first Japanese male artist I had a crush on when I was a teenager(after that I pretty much turned into a strict potato diet)....

関口誠人 天河伝説殺人事件

I prefer Akina's version

赤いスイートピー(1982) Red Sweet pea by Seiko
The lyrics of this song makes me smile..

It's Spring, let's take the train and go to the beach
Sitting quietly beside you, I can smell the cigarette scent on your shirt
From the day I met you, it's been over half a year
How come you never hold my hand?

I will follow you
I will follow you even I am a bit shy
Because you are a wonderful person
My heart is blossoming at the beach just like red sweet pea

Caught in the April rain, we are sitting on a bench at the train station
No one is around, but you are making me feel uncomfortable
Why do you keep looking at your watch?
Are you trying to make me cry?

I will follow you, wearing boots that have wings
I will follow you, runing along the same path of youth with you
Growing on the side of the railway are red sweet pea buds

I like you more than anyone I met before
I will follow you, because I like your lifestyle
Just like this, I don't want to go back, I don't want to go back
The day Spring came to my heart is when red sweet pea blossoms

春色の汽車に乗って 海に連れて行ってよ  
タバコの匂いのシャツに そっと寄りそうから  
何故 知りあった日から  
半年過ぎても あなたって  手も握らない 
I will follow you  あなたに付いてゆきたい 
I will follow you  ちょっぴり気が弱いけど 
心の岸辺に咲いた 赤いスイートピー 
四月の雨に降られて 駅のベンチで二人  
他に人影も無くて 不意に気まずくなる  
何故 あなたが時計を  
チラッと見るたび 泣きそうな  気分になるの? 
I will follow you  翼の生えたブーツで 
I will follow you  あなたと同じ青春 走ってゆきたいの  
線路の脇のつぼみは 赤いスイートピー  
好きよ今日まで 逢った誰より   
I will follow you あなたの生き方が好き  
このまま帰れない 帰れない  
心に春が来た日は 赤いスイートピー

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Chinese Winter Festival

Today is Winter Festival. I no longer celebrate this event as it reminds me too much about the past, the time when my mother was still around. There is an old Chinese saying: "Winter Festival is more important than Chinese New Year". Chinese families would gather together and have a big traditional dinner, etc Instead, I went out for Japanese all you can eat tonight...I was at the restaurant rather early, so I was eating by myself as my sister decided she would celebrate this with her friends. First time in my life that I was eating winter festival dinner by myself. Last year, it was with my dad and my sister. Two years ago, it was my last winter festival dinner with my mother, and no one would have known. It would have been nice if we had taken some pictures, caputring moments where there were still laughters in the house.

After dinner tonight, I had this urge to translate this song(Halfmoon Serenade, released in 1985) by Naoko . I never fully understood the meaning of this song 'cause the words are very poetic. I never thought that my Japanese knowledge would be good enough to do it, but I had this sudden rush that I really wanted to do it tonight, so here it is, my first attempt:


あなたのもとへ 届くなら
水面(みなも)に散った 琥珀(きん)の枯れ葉を
月の雫を 左手に
涙でそっと ひとつにつなぐ
※青春の雲が切れる 年頃(きせつ)抱きしめ 
誰もみんな ひとりぼっちだから 
優しさを 愛(いと)おしむのね 
あなたの胸の 生命の響きに 満ちる夢

ふたりでいても 切なくて
あなたの指を ぎゅっとかんだの
恋をしても男の人 迷わないのね
流れて落ちた 星の輪が
胸の泉に 波を立てれば
欠けた月は淋しさに似て 心痛むの
美しい瞳のまま どうぞ愛して
幸福(しあわせ)をさがす 幸福ふたり
離さないで あヽ 時の銀河に流され 

If I can return to your place,
I want to tell you my wishes in a song
with muscial notes that are composed of withered leaves
scattered all over the river

Using my left hand, I gently collect a tear drop under the moonlight
I pray deeply that I would be able to tie this with the person I love

Cutting through the cloud of youth
Holding in your arms the change of seasons
'cause anyone will have moments of loneliness
Treasure tenderness by holding it in your arms
My dream is filled with the sound of life in your heart

More to come....

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Do gays and lesbians deserve happiness too?

Went to see Brokeback Mountain this afternoon, a lot of people were weeping towards the end of the movie...that's how good the movie is. And the viewers? mostly straight couples and people in their 50's/60' is mainstream, but only playing at one cinema in Toronto, wonder why.
If you would like to read the story online, here is the link:

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


"わたしよりも可愛い人 探すことよ"... so you are looking for someone better looking than me, I see..

つぐない」作詞:荒木とよひさ 作曲:三木たかし

いつもあなたの 匂いがするわ
ひとり暮らせば 想い出すから
壁の傷も 残したまま 置いてゆくわ  
愛をつぐなえば 別れになるけど  
こんな女でも 忘れないでね    
優しすぎたの あなた    
子供みたいな あなた    
心残りは あなたのこと
少し煙草も 控えめにして
過去に縛られ 暮らすことより

わたしよりも可愛い人 探すことよ  
愛をつぐなえば 重荷になるから  
この町を離れ 暮らしてみるわ    
お酒飲むのも ひとり    
夢を見るのも ひとり    
愛をつぐなえば 別れになるけど  
こんな女でも 忘れないでね    
優しすぎたの あなた    
子供みたいな あなた    

落花流水 初登場43位


・The Heat-musica fiesta- 初登場20位 9,390枚
・Days              初登場30位 6,214枚
・赤い花             初登場40位 3,025枚
・初めて出逢った日のように 初登場50位 2,660枚追記)
・落花流水           初登場43位 3,278枚
Congrats, Akina!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

GYPSY QUEEN / ジプシー・クイーン

A song about Yukiko killing herself by jumping off an office building?
GYPSY QUEEN / ジプシー・クイーン

On page 125, our passionate love ended, ah.. everything's over....

The sky is coloured by wine red, lying on a bed of asphalt overflown with sighs
In your heart, a weak light is on, only dancing to the destiny that has no ending

Love is a fall in love with someone else
I am... ah.. now left alone

Under the star before we were born, we were so much in love
It only lasted for one life time, and we lost it
Before I meet you again until the next constellation
even if I have to turn into a piece of stone when I turn around, that's is still ok
Gypsy Queen

The woman who is dreaming by herself will wake up alone by herself
Hidden in time are things that no one else can see
Love is something God manipulates... incredible......

When the day with you disappeared, only feeling more lonely than before
Tossing the tarrot cards, waiting for dawn to come

作詞:松本一起 作曲:国安わたる 編曲:小林信吾
百二十五頁(ページ)で 終わった二人
燃える愛の途中で Ah すべて

Wine色を染める 重い空に嘆き
アスファルトのBedに ため息こぼれる
貴方の胸で やせた ランプ灯し
終わりのない運命 踊っていたけど

男と女は謎 貴方は別の女を愛し 
私は Ah 一人
生まれる前の星座で あんなに愛し合って
ひとつの時代だけで 失った
振り向く私はもう 化石になってもいい

夢見る女 一人眠る夜は
夢をさがす女が一人 目をさます

誰も見た事がない 時間にかくれて
愛は神のあやつる Ah 不思議

貴方との日々今は かくしてしまったから
以前(まえ)より悲しいけど 寒くない
タロット・カード捨てて 夜明けを重ねてゆく

生まれる前の星座で あんなに愛し合って
ひとつの時代だけで 失った
振り向く私はもう 化石になってもいい

My Yamaha Clavinova

My dream this year is to be able to play some of the 80's Jpops on my digital piano I bought over a year go...but I am having a tough time finding "sheet music"/piano book for those songs such as Halfmoon Serenade, Second Love, Saiai, Harunanoni, Kenkawoyamete, etc... if you know where I can find them, let me know..I will thank you big time

Here is my response to this online chatter..

This must be a "Manhattan Joke" !

A rainy night split with neon earrings,
Downtown shining like onyx.
All at once, you said you're leaving this town.
I said that's it then, to your voice on the phone and hung up for the night.
Love isn't always honest, playing out the distance between us, being a little disillusioned. MANHATTAN JOKE...
I'm kidding around.
I can't keep my heart from falling apart.
Alone to the airport in a hurry.
A yellow cab whose left door doesn't open...
Queens Bridge, where the blues play sad on the radio.
In a grey coat out of place in August,
I left my apartment taking nothing with me.
Sunglasses concealed my heart.
I look down, nothing I can say, with eyes that are wet, even though the rain has stopped MANHATTAN JOKE...
I'm being serious.
Hold me tight, darling.
Wait for me, until the final flight.
I'm kidding around.
I can't keep my heart from falling apart.
Alone to the airport in a hurry.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Look that Kills

I am talking about Akina's song, silly... but recently some online chatter kept telling me that I had "unfortunate eyebrows" and that I should have them "fixed"... what do you think?(I think he should have his head replaced)

Stardust Memory of a modern Geisha

By Kyon Kyon....

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Listening to ONJ....

So, later on in the afternoon, I decided to put my ipod on and went outside to take a few more.. and I was listening to Naoko's rendition of "Listening to ONJ"(yes, finally I figured how to trim a video clip):

Through the Window by Naoko

It's been snowing in Toronto for the last several days. So, I went to take some pics this morning inside the condo/townhouse area. It was so beautiful... The above pics were taken through the window from my bedroom..(hehe no pun intended)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Night After Night

Next, we have Naoko, performing "Night After Night", one of my favorite songs from her LP "Nine Half".... the live performance was amazing...

Sawada Kenji

Next, representing the White team, Sawada Kenji performing "Tokio":


Went to see the screening of "Memoirs" last night... here is my opinion... Imagine Tom Cruise, Richard Gere and Jude Law play the role of a shaolin monk, delivering the dialogue in broken Mandarin with an accent(Chinese, Taiwanese, and Singaporean respectively) ... so you get the idea?

Sunday, December 04, 2005


薬師丸ひろ子~ Wの悲劇より

Since NHK decided not to invite singers I like to the Red & White show this year, I am going to have my own Red & White show here on my blog.. So, here we go... representing the Red team.. Yakushimaru Hiroko san... singing the theme song of The Tragedy of Women...

Saturday, December 03, 2005


I have not updated my blog for quite some time 'cause I have been feeling really crappy. I don't understand why so many bad things have happened to me, and they always have to be right before Christmas. Now this time, it is Marble, my dog. Marble is a gift from me to my late mother 7 years ago, when she recovered from breast cancer. She has beautiful eyes, just like a marble, that's the reason why we named her Marble.. Recently, my vet told my sister that he had noticed something abnormal on her eye pressure and her liver.. they have to run some more tests. If they come back negative, they have to remove her eyes! Oh my god, can you imagine. Why does God always have to take away people I love from me, I don't understand. Three years ago, my mom found out her cancer came back and had spread to her lung(she was a non smoker, never smoked in her life) right before Christmas. My partner left me before Christmas 2 years ago, 6 months after the death of my mother. In a way, Marble reminds me of the good seven years I had with my mother after she recovered from the cancer first attack. Marble brought joy and happiness to everyone in the family.. No matter how stressed out I am, when I see her, everything just turns out fine and unimportant.. she is sooo well behaved....why is God so cruel..If God is reading my blog, fuck you and go to hell!